To all the amazing teachers, therapists and staff at YESS!

Teachers are builders.  They expertly and efficiently lay brick after brick, smoothing the cement in between methodically.  Before long, a towering edifice emerges.

But when the bricks keep falling over, preventing the building from going up, even the most seasoned builder will be deterred.

You have worked together as a five-star construction crew, ensuring that his building gets the most professional and loving artisanship.  And what a building is emerging!

Some children are like that.  Their “bricks” need repeated reinforcements, painstakingly replacing them firmly in the wet cement until they are set.  This slow process needs to be carried out with utmost patience and dedication.  The resultant building may take longer to be completed.  It may not be as lavish or intricate as others.  Yet, what a building it will be!  Its bricks, smooth and polished, gleam from being held in position for so long.  It radiates from all the love and attention it received.  Although it may seem plain and unassuming, it is solid, with its foundation strong and intact.

You have worked together as a five-star construction crew, ensuring that his building gets the most professional and loving artisanship. And what a building is emerging!

Dear Rabbi Lustig, Mrs. Rothschild, Mrs. Hecht, Rabbi Schultz and all the wonderful staff at YESS,

Just a small token of appreciation for the effort, patience, kindness and diligence you have shown E. over the last three years!  We will miss you!

With much success for everyone,

M., S. and E.K.

Dear YESS!

I am sending this in honor of, and gratitude for all you did to help my nephew, MB.  He is now a student (second year) at Princeton University.

You do wonderful work!  Happy Chanukah!

With love,

Dear Rabbi Lustig,

I am working in Bais Yaakov Elementary. I am a preschool assistant. I am giving Maaser money to YESS because of the wonderful years that I spent there.
Chag Kasher V’Sameach!


To the amazing teachers, administration and staff at YESS,

Words cannot express our gratitude for all you have done for Menachem over the past six years. The warmth, care, patience and personal attention you have given him has made an enormous impact, and will surely stay with him throughout his schooling and beyond. Leaving this incredibly special and unique school is bittersweet-though we will miss the teachers, administrators and staff, we know they have played a huge role in helping Menachem reach is goal of attending a fully mainstreamed program.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything.

S. L.

Dear YESS Family,

We wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.

We want you to know that B. is attending Kulanu in Woodmere, and so far it seems to have been the right choice. He’s been mainstreamed in Bio (which he says he hates, but is able to do the work). He’s also made a new best friend. We hope things will be good.

B.U., A.H and B.